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Anne Boleyn

by Danny Wilsher

Capturing Anne Boleyn's indomitable ambition and the fiery, passionate nature of her relationship with Henry VIII, which ultimately led to her tragic downfall. It represents the relentless pursuit of aspirations and the exhilarating yet risky dynamics of a fervent romance.

Embodying Anne's spirited and determined character, the card suggests a period of intense ambition and passionate encounters. It cautions about the high stakes involved in such deep involvements, reflecting Anne's own dramatic journey from queen to her untimely end.

When this card appears with the Henry VIII card, it signals a deeply enthralling yet potentially volatile relationship, brimming with intense emotion but also the risk of tumultuous consequences. It serves as a reminder to carefully balance strong ambition and passionate feelings, being aware of their powerful impact and the possibility of significant, life-altering outcomes.



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