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by Danny Wilsher

This card delves into the depths of emotional turmoil, symbolised by Queen Elizabeth I's haunting portrayal. It invites the seeker to confront their own fears and anxieties, acknowledging the universal nature of vulnerability. A skeletal figure hovers over the queen's shoulder, embodying the spectre of fear. This symbolises the haunting nature of anxiety and the shadow it casts over even the most powerful individuals.

In a reading, this card signifies deep emotional suffering and inner turmoil. It indicates a period of profound emotional distress and prompts the individual to seek support through self-reflection, therapy, or the presence of others. The card highlights the need to acknowledge and explore the roots of fears, emphasising the potential for personal growth and inner strength within the shadows. Reminding the seeker that even in the darkest moments, there is the possibility of overcoming and transcending fear.



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