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Privy Chamber

by Danny Wilsher

This card represents intimacy and rest. The Tudor bedroom, with its canopy bed, signifies a space where one can connect intimately with oneself or a partner. The card encourages the seeker to recognise the sacredness of personal and shared moments within the realm of intimacy. It may represent a time to focus on nurturing close relationships, fostering emotional connections, or simply taking a break to rest and rejuvenate.

The canopy bed symbolises a sanctuary for both physical and emotional closeness, emphasising the importance of creating a space for emotional and sexual intimacy. The restoration aspect of the card highlights the need for self-care and the acknowledgment that rest is a vital component of overall well-being.

Overall, the card conveys a message of honouring intimate connections and recognising the value of rest in one's life. It prompts the seeker to create sacred moments of closeness, whether with oneself or with a loved one.



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