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The Candles

by Danny Wilsher

The Candles card, with its ornate candles, symbolises wealth, opulence, and the pursuit of higher ideals, reflecting a time when only the wealthy could afford such luxuries. This card indicates a phase of financial abundance and the ability to enjoy luxuries, reminding the seeker to cherish this period of material wealth. However, it also warns against overvaluing material success and encourages maintaining a balance between financial pursuits and higher values.

The radiant light serves as a metaphor for the enlightening but potentially misleading allure of opulence, advising a mindful approach to wealth. The seeker is urged to ensure their material indulgences align with their broader goals and values, promoting a balance between prosperity and spiritual fulfillment. In essence, the Candles card represents financial abundance and the importance of aligning this with one's deeper values.



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