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The Corridors

by Danny Wilsher

This card suggests that the seeker is currently facing a moment of decision-making, akin to standing at a crossroads with different corridors to explore. The castle corridors symbolise various paths or choices available in the seeker's current situation. The convergence of the corridors signifies a critical juncture where the individual must make decisions that will shape their path forward. This card encourages the seeker to reflect on their options, consider the potential outcomes, and choose a direction that resonates with their inner values and aspirations.

This card prompts the seeker to embrace the uncertainty of the moment and recognise it as an opportunity for growth. It signifies that, even in moments of confusion, there is potential for clarity and forward movement through thoughtful decision-making. Overall, the card conveys a message of empowerment and choice. It encourages the seeker to trust their intuition and embrace the journey of choosing a path that aligns with their authentic self.



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