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The Deer

by Danny Wilsher

Inspired by the Tudors' passion for hunting and courtly love, the Enchanted Pursuit card reflects the exhilarating chase and potential fulfillment found in romantic endeavours.

This card signifies the pursuit of love, urging the seeker to embrace the thrill and anticipation that come with seeking or being sought after by a romantic interest. Drawing inspiration from the Tudor tradition of hunting, this card emphasises the excitement of the chase and the potential for a rewarding catch.

This card suggests that romantic pursuits are on the horizon. Whether actively seeking love or being pursued, the card encourages the individual to prepare for the journey, embrace the excitement of the chase, and be open to the possibility of a fulfilling connection. Inviting the seeker to navigate the enchanted forest of romance with grace, agility, and a sense of adventure, acknowledging that the pursuit itself holds inherent value and significance.



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