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The Knight

by Danny Wilsher

The Knight card holds a message of excitement and anticipation as it signifies the entrance of a significant person into the seeker's life. This card suggests that a gallant and honourable individual, embodying the qualities of a knight, is poised to bring love and romance into the seeker's experience.

In a reading, The Knight card indicates the potential for a new and meaningful connection. Whether in the realm of friendship or romance, the knight brings with them a sense of chivalry, support, and a commitment to noble ideals. This card encourages the seeker to be open to this new relationship, recognising the potential for joy and inspiration that it may bring.

The armour worn by the knight signifies the strength and resilience that this person brings to the seeker's life. It suggests a protective and supportive presence that can contribute to the seeker's sense of security and well-being.



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