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The Maze

by Danny Wilsher

The Maze card suggests that the seeker is currently facing a situation that feels intricate and perplexing, akin to being at the beginning of a maze. The maze represents the complexity of the seeker's path, where decisions may seem convoluted or choices unclear.

The sparkles within the maze symbolise subtle hints, signs, or guidance available to the seeker. While confusion may prevail, there are small illuminations offering direction. The card encourages the seeker to look closely, trust their instincts, and identify these subtle cues that can guide them through the maze.

Overall, the card conveys a message of patience and attentiveness. It prompts the seeker to navigate the complexities with a keen eye for the subtle signals that can lead to clarity. Despite the confusion, the sparkles represent the potential for discovery and understanding, urging the individual to move forward with the belief that even in intricate situations, there are hints to illuminate the way.



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