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The Tavern

by Danny Wilsher

Featuring a cosy tavern setting from Tudor times, adorned with beer barrels, two wooden cups, and a half-burnt candle. In the ambiance of inns, taverns, and alehouses—a vital part of Tudor social life—this card captures the essence of conviviality, romance, and the process of getting acquainted. The scene encourages the idea of dating, suggesting that if you're in a relationship, it's time to rediscover the joy of going out together and rekindling the flame of romance.

This card encourages the seeker to embrace the social aspect of life, emphasising dating, romance, and the joy of getting to know others. If in a relationship, it prompts the individual to rediscover the excitement of shared experiences and romantic outings. For those seeking connections, it signals the potential for new relationships to blossom in social settings. In a reading, this card suggests the importance of engaging in social activities, fostering connections, and embracing a more enjoyable lifestyle.



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