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Fates Embrace 

Where the cards tell the story and your spirit guides the way! ✨

May this oracle deck guide you on your journey to love, abundance, and happiness! make friends with it, cherish it and it will serve you well. Allow your own intuition to speak up along the way! are you ready to embrace your fate? 


This is a fantastic deck for beginners and experienced readers alike, I have purposefully kept the imagery and wording simple and open for your own interpretation. There is no right or wrong when using these cards. The wording is there to guide you but tune into the imagery and your feelings to allow your own interpretation of the message

These cards can be used alone or to compliment tarot decks by adding additional depth to your readings.

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Begin your journey towards healing and seek insightful guidance from the Fates Embrace Oracle.

Card Meanings

The Online Guide Book

Astrological Earth Signs

Fates Embrace Oracle

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