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The Chariot

Danny Wilsher

Key Meanings: Movement, action, control, speed


The Chariot as a woman in a Cadillac car vividly symbolizes forward momentum and the exhilaration of taking control of one’s destiny. This modern twist on the traditional card emphasizes rapid progress and the empowerment found in steering one's own course. The image of a Cadillac, a symbol of luxury and success, adds layers of achieving goals with style and determination.


When The Chariot appears in your reading, it heralds a period of fast-moving developments and decisive action. It suggests that you are or will soon be pushing forward with significant momentum. Now is the time to seize the wheel with confidence and drive your life towards your goals with determination and flair.

This card encourages you to maintain focus and use your willpower to navigate through any challenges that may arise. Just like driving a car, it requires keeping your eyes on the road, adjusting your speed, and steering carefully to ensure you reach your destination safely and efficiently. The Chariot here speaks to both the thrill of rapid movement and the responsibility of controlling that power wisely.


  • Embrace the pace of rapid developments; now is not the time to hesitate.

  • Take decisive control of your path, steering it towards your desires.

  • Keep focused on your goals, ensuring you manage any distractions or obstacles with skill.

  • Enjoy the ride of your efforts, using your momentum to overcome challenges.



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