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The Devil

Danny Wilsher

Key Meanings: Temptation, bondage, materialism, addictions, illusion


The Devil card features the image of the devil itself, symbolizing the temptations and negative influences that can hold us back from our true potential. This card represents the shadow side of human nature, including desires, addictions, and illusions. It serves as a reminder to confront and overcome the negative patterns that may be trapping us in unhealthy cycles.


When The Devil appears in a reading, it suggests that you may be feeling trapped or controlled by negative influences, including addictions or unhealthy attachments. The image of the devil represents the temptations and illusions that can lead us astray, causing us to lose sight of our true selves. This card serves as a warning to beware of succumbing to materialism, addictions, or other forms of bondage.

The Devil card invites you to confront your shadow side and acknowledge the ways in which you may be allowing yourself to be controlled by external forces. It encourages you to break free from the chains of bondage and reclaim your power and autonomy. Just as the devil is often depicted as a figure of fear and temptation, you are being called to recognize the areas of your life where you are limiting yourself and to take steps to break free.

This card also signifies the need to confront illusions and false beliefs that may be holding you back. It encourages you to see through the veil of deception and to embrace the truth, even if it is uncomfortable. By facing your fears and confronting your shadow, you can liberate yourself from the bonds of the past and step into a more authentic and empowered way of being.


  • Acknowledge and confront the negative influences or patterns in your life.

  • Take responsibility for your actions and choices, and break free from any unhealthy attachments or addictions.

  • Seek support from others or professional help if needed to overcome challenges or break free from negative patterns.

  • Embrace the truth, even if it is uncomfortable, and strive for authenticity in all areas of your life.



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