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Catherine of Aragon

by Danny Wilsher

This card reflects the spirit of Catherine, daughter of Isabella of Castile, embodying her sense of duty and religious righteousness. Beloved by her people and viewed as the wronged wife, Catherine's story is one of resilience and steadfast commitment to her beliefs.

This card symbolises determination, devotion, & resilience, especially relevant in challenging relationships or emotional turmoil. It may signify feelings of being discarded or overlooked, akin to Catherine's trials in her marriage to Henry. It could also represent a need for liberation from a binding relationship or a persistent, yet possibly misguided hope for reconciliation. The card also denotes the presence of a determined, resolute older individual in a relationship. Moreover, it emphasises an unwavering commitment to personal principles, encouraging confronting challenges with resilience & staying true to one's values. It’s a reminder that dignity and steadfast devotion, even in heartache, can be sources of strength & empowerment.



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