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by Danny Wilsher

This card encapsulates the profound symbolism of death and rebirth through the imagery of a skull and a white butterfly. In the centre of the card, a detailed skull represents the inevitability of mortality and the transformative power of letting go. Emerging from the eye socket of the skull, a delicate white butterfly signifies the spiritual journey of rebirth, renewal, and the ethereal beauty found in embracing change.

The card encourages the seeker to embrace the profound cycles of transformation, death, and rebirth. It invites contemplation on the impermanence of life and the spiritual evolution that follows the acceptance of change. In a reading, this card suggests that the seeker is in the midst of a transformative journey, prompting acceptance of endings and recognising the potential for rebirth and spiritual elevation. The skull represents the necessary release, while the white butterfly signifies the emergence of a renewed self.



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