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Elizabeth 1st

by Danny Wilsher

This card embodies strength, independence, and a dedication to a chosen path. The imagery emphasizes the significance of one's image and the ability to rule with resolve, much like Elizabeth Ist. The monarch exudes strength, determination, and the resolve to rule independently as the Virgin Queen.

The card encourages the seeker to embrace their own strength and independence. It may signify a period of focusing on personal goals, career, or individual pursuits without being swayed by external pressures or distractions that do not align the seeker with their highest ideals and desires.

Romantically, this card may suggest someone who values independence and personal pursuits over traditional relationships. It could indicate a period where the seeker is dedicated to their career and personal growth rather than seeking a romantic connection. In essence, this card reflects an unwavering commitment to personal goals, independence, and strength.



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