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Elizabeth of York

by Danny Wilsher

This card symbolises harmony, unity, and the influence of loving connections. It embodies the essence of being cherished and the potential for deep, meaningful relationships. Her loving marriage to Henry VII, which brought peace to England after the turmoil of civil war, serves as a key symbol of harmony.

In a reading, this card signifies a period of being valued, love and adored, immersed in positive energy. When paired with the Henry VII card, it suggests a soulmate bond, mirroring the historical unity and deep love between Elizabeth and Henry. This combination can indicate a powerful romantic, friendly, or spiritual partnership.

Additionally, this card signifies a period of peace and stability for the seeker, akin to the tranquil era Elizabeth and Henry’s marriage brought to a once troubled England, symbolising victory, a period of calmness and healing after personal upheavals.



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