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Thatched Roof

by Danny Wilsher

The Thatched Roof card speaks to the seeker's experience of navigating a period marked by financial difficulties and feeling economically challenged. This card encourages the individual to find strength and endurance in the face of adversity.

In a reading, this card suggests that the seeker may be going through a time of financial strain, experiencing feelings of poverty and hardship. The Thatched Roof card prompts the seeker to acknowledge their current situation, seek support where needed, and maintain a sense of perseverance. While the rainy weather and circling birds may signify difficulties, they also highlight the transient nature of challenges and the potential for renewal.

Ultimately, this card encourages the individual to endure through the hardships, recognising that, like the thatched roof enduring the rain, they possess the inner strength to weather the storm and emerge resilient on the other side.



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