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The Compass

by Danny Wilsher

The Compass card carries a message of change, encouraging the seeker to consider a shift in their life's course. This card suggests that it's time to explore uncharted territories, seek new opportunities, and embrace the potential for growth that comes with navigating a different path.

In a reading, The Compass card may indicate a period in the seeker's life where change is not only beneficial but necessary. It encourages the individual to assess various aspects of their life - relationships, career, etc.

The cardinal directions on the compass signify the multifaceted nature of the seeker's journey. It prompts them to explore opportunities in all aspects of life, inviting a comprehensive reevaluation and a willingness to embrace change.

Overall, The Compass card is a call to action, inviting the seeker to trust their inner compass and embark on a new direction.



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