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The Prison

by Danny Wilsher

The Prison card suggests that the seeker may be putting themselves in a mental prison, entangled in limiting beliefs, fears, or emotional constraints. The castle prison cell window serves as a metaphorical representation of this self-imposed confinement.

The bars on the window symbolise the perceived limitations that the seeker has constructed, hindering their ability to experience life to the fullest. This card encourages the seeker to reflect on their thought patterns, beliefs, and emotional attachments that may be restricting personal growth. It signals an opportunity for self-liberation, urging the individual to take steps towards breaking free from mental constraints and embracing a more expansive and empowering mindset.

Overall, the card conveys a message of empowerment and self-discovery. It prompts the seeker to recognise and challenge self-imposed limitations, encouraging the journey towards mental freedom and personal liberation.



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