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The Raven

by Danny Wilsher

The Raven card carries a dual message, encompassing both the potential for profound insights and a cautionary note. The ravens, historically tied to the Tower of London and associated with Apollo in Greek mythology, serve as messengers and symbols of prophecy.

In readings, this card suggests that the seeker may be on the cusp of receiving important messages or insights. The ravens, as messengers of the gods, bring a sense of intelligence and foresight. However, the card also serves as a cautionary omen, advising the seeker to approach situations with careful consideration and awareness of potential challenges. The association with ravens as symbols of bad luck and omens adds a layer of caution. The card implies a "no" to the answer sought, signaling the need for mindfulness and preparedness in the face of potential difficulties.

Overall, the Omen of The Raven card embodies the themes of prophecy, caution, and a potential warning.



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