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The Steps

by Danny Wilsher

The Steps card represents a path of continual progress and enlightenment, with its imagery of ascending castle steps symbolising the evolution and advancement in various life aspects. The sparkling lights adorning these steps signify guidance and inspiration, indicating that the seeker is on an uplifting journey, acquiring valuable insights and wisdom with each step. This card, in readings, underpins a phase of personal growth and spiritual ascension, highlighting the importance of embracing the journey. Each step taken is a move towards greater understanding and enlightenment, illuminated by the guiding lights of wisdom and clarity.

The card reassures that the seeker's efforts and progression are leading to fruitful outcomes, marking a rewarding phase of personal and spiritual development. It embodies the concept of guided progress and an enlightened path, suggesting that the seeker is on a journey towards achieving their fullest potential and personal fulfilment.



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