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The Stranger

by Danny Wilsher

This card signifies the emergence of a stranger, a new and captivating individual entering your life unexpectedly. Whether in the realm of relationships or other areas, this card encourages the seeker to remain open to the possibilities that come with fresh connections and unexpected opportunities.

This card suggests that the universe is orchestrating a meeting with someone who will leave a lasting impression. It prompts the seeker to embrace the mystery, excitement, and potential for a promising new connection or opportunity. The Tudor door symbolises the threshold of possibilities, inviting the individual to step forward with curiosity and openness, ready to explore the uncharted territories of this exciting encounter. It's important to note that the arrival of a stranger may also introduce the potential for a third party in existing relationships. This card serves as a cautionary reminder to approach new connections with sensitivity and to be mindful of the impact on current relationships.



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