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The Sword

by Danny Wilsher

This card speaks to the seeker about the power of truth, discernment, and the ability to cut through confusion. The sword symbolises a tool for clarity, cutting away the overgrown vines of uncertainty and revealing transformative insights.

This card suggests that the seeker is in a position to face and embrace the truth, even if it may be harsh. The overgrown vines represent challenges and obstacles that may have clouded understanding, urging the individual to use the sword of truth to cut through the confusion. The presence of two blue butterflies signifies positive transformation and growth that comes from acknowledging and embracing the truth. Overall, The Sword card embodies the theme of truth, revelations and transformation. It encourages the seeker to embrace the clarity that comes from facing the truth, knowing that deep within the emotional fallout of difficult conclusions hides a higher perspective and understanding that will always lead to positive growth and a closer connection to oneself and the world around them.



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