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The Window

by Danny Wilsher

he Window card features a Tudor window with its centre pane opened, symbolising the gateway to the soul. This card signifies that a profound and genuine unveiling of emotions is imminent. As the window is opened, it suggests that someone may experience a sudden realisation, embracing their truest feelings. The essence of this card revolves around listening to the heart, having faith in intuition, and authentically expressing one's true self.

The card foretells a significant and sincere unveiling of emotions. It encourages the seeker to anticipate a moment of profound realisation, where the most genuine and heartfelt feelings come to light. The opened window symbolises a deliberate choice to be authentic, inviting the individual to listen to their heart, trust their intuition, and embrace their truest self. In a reading, this card suggests that a period of introspection and emotional clarity is on the horizon, encouraging an honest exploration of feelings.



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