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Wishing Well

by Danny Wilsher

The card illustrates a charming wishing well adorned with snowflakes, surrounded by the quiet beauty of a snow-covered landscape. The wishing well represents a vessel for dreams and desires, inviting the seeker to cast their wishes into the wintry stillness.

The card encourages the seeker to embrace the magic of dreaming and the transformative power of heartfelt aspirations. It prompts the individual to connect with their deepest desires and to trust in the potential for dreams to manifest, even in the quiet stillness of winter. In a reading, this card suggests that the seeker is in a phase where their hopes and dreams hold great significance. It encourages the individual to take a moment for introspection, casting their wishes into the metaphorical well of possibilities. The card symbolises the potential for dreams to take root and flourish, urging the seeker to embrace the magic of possibility and to trust in the unfolding of their aspirations.



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