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1. The Magician

by Kelly Weeks

Keywords: Mercury, Manifestation, Power, Action, magic spark, positive mindset.

If the Magician pops up in your reading, it's like a cosmic high-five to your talents, skills, and resources! The message is loud and clear: don't hold back! You've got the power to transform things, so unleash the magic within you. This card is all about manifesting your dreams and knowing you're the master of your own destiny! shine that light and trust that you are the magic! She is full of sunshine and stardust and all that glitters, her energy is so radiant she’s practically bursting! Her light shines so brightly it may blind those around her, but those dreams & desires can’t help but be drawn in like a magnet! so get clear on what you want to draw into your life, it’s on the way!



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