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13. Death/Rebirth

by Kelly Weeks

Keywords: Scorpio, Pluto, Transformation, Endings, Rebirth.

No need to hit the panic button! Just because this card showed up doesn't mean you're doomed to face the Grim Reaper. Instead, it's like a cosmic nudge to shake things up. Maybe it's time to call it quits with a stale relationship, job, or hobby that's been cramping your style. This is your chance to embrace new adventures and possibilities! Don't fret, it's all about transforming and taking a leap forward! Endings can spark fresh starts, and new beginnings are just around the corner.

whether it is a situation that needs transforming or some inner transformation it’s time to face things head on and take a close look. When doors are closing around you it may be the perfect time to walk towards the light from those that are open. Not every ending needs to be something to grieve or hold onto. Spread those beautiful wings!



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