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18. The moon

by Kelly Weeks

Keywords: Pisces, Illusion, Intuition, Mystery

The Moon card speaks of illusions, and things playing tricks on your mind and hints that things are not always as they seem. It's as if you're wearing rose-tinted glasses, and the truth is hiding in plain sight. Maybe you're avoiding facing a hard truth or a past experience that's throwing you off balance?

The Moon is known to sneak into your fears and anxieties, stirring up emotions you thought you had buried deep. It's time to shine a light on those shadows and face them head-on. The truth might be hiding in the dark, but don't worry, the Moon will illuminate the path and reveal the secret that have been lurking in the shadows.

The moon works in cycles, what hides in the dark can’t stay there forever and eventually, things become clear again if you’re feeling emotionally drained and your cup is empty it will soon be renewed



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