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3. The Empress

by Kelly Weeks

Keywords: Venus, Cancer, Nurturing, Abundance, Creativity, motherhood, pregnancy

Have you met The Empress? She's the embodiment of feminine Mother Earth energy. The empress is creative and nurturing signifying the birth of new life, new ideas, romance, art, or

business ventures.

The Empress reminds us to be patient with the seed of our ideas, letting them sprout and grow at their own pace. She radiates beauty, femininity, and self-worth, making her an irresistible force that people can't get enough of! 

when you’re around the empress you feel in awe, she is almost goddess-like in her energy, irresistible in so many ways. Some aspire to be like her, others want to be with her, and there really is nobody above the empress. When paired with the emperor this card can signify powerful partnerships, marriage, divine union and the ultimate yin-yang balance.



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