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5. The Hierophant

by Kelly Weeks

Keywords: Taurus, Tradition, Wisdom, Guidance, Religion

a wise, old soul, rooted in religion and old school ways, that is the Hierophant. This card symbolizes the steadfast path of tradition and may point to marriages or counseling. A natural teacher, with a passion for passing on wisdom and learning.

The Hierophant may even hint at a spiritual journey or divine intervention. The hierophant may appear in your life as a person who offers you clear guidance and illuminates things in a way you need this card can represent someone who is leading from a moral standpoint, perhaps so stuck in their view of how things “should” be that they become inflexible. he is wise, not just in years but in knowledge, knowledge gained in traditional ways through study and education but worldly-wise in a way that is other worldly.



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