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6. The lovers

by Kelly Weeks

Keywords: Gemini, Passion, Union, Choice

When this card pops up in a spread, it's a sign that love is on your mind, and you may be facing a decision. Maybe it's time to take the plunge with your partner, or perhaps you're facing a choice between two potential sweethearts. Whatever the case, the Lovers card reminds you not to take matters of the heart lightly. Be prepared to make sacrifices and take risks, because the rewards of true love are worth it. This card is a sign that you're on the right track to finding your soulmate, or You may have recently begun a new connection get ready to experience chemistry and connection like never before.

These young lovers sit gazing into each other's eyes, they share an intimacy and connection that is unmatched, but is this the only connection around them? Are there difficult choices to be made? a choice between 2 lovers perhaps! This could indicate that you or someone around you is being treated as an option so take off the rose-tinted glasses for a second so you can see past the flames of passion.



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