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7. The chariot

by Kelly Weeks

Keywords: Cancer, Determination, Victory, Control

The Chariot - the undisputed heavyweight champion of crushing obstacles and racing towards a future brighter than sunshine! This card has a strong connection to the Cancer zodiac sign, boasting a lethal combo of tenacity and triumph. It shows up when you need to get into warrior mode and chase your dreams. But beware, it's a wild ride and can feel like you're hurtling down a steep slope.

The pink Cadillac races along leaving a thick cloud of smoke in its wake, things are moving at quite a pace and it’s no time to take your foot off of the gas! the driver is cool and calm though, she surveys the path ahead with a sense of fearlessness because she knows where she wants to be and nothing will stand in the way! the sooner the chariot gets going the sooner you can arrive and your destiny.



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