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8. Strength

by Kelly Weeks

Keywords: Leo, Inner Strength, Courage, Patience

The Strength card is here to guide you when you're facing a major life challenge. If you're battling sickness or recovering from an injury, this card is a shining beacon of hope.

The Strength card is all about grit, determination, and power - But, wait, there's more! It's not just about outer strength! It's about that inner strength, that inner fire, that lion spirit, and the power to conquer anything that comes your way. The Strength card is here to remind you that you're strong enough to take on anything life throws your way.

She looks out across the plane, cool and collected. The wind blows her hair around her face like a lions mane and she takes a deep breath “I can do this, I face anything life throws at me!” She affirms to herself the lion lays by her side, he is just as calm and relaxed but when things call for action he is ready to fight for his life and those close to him!



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