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  • Tudor Rose Oracle
  • Tudor Rose Oracle
  • Tudor Rose Oracle
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Tudor Rose Oracle


This is a pre-order and we expect orders will be fulfilled around mid/end of May 2024 but sooner if it is possible. You will be updated if anything changes

  • The "Tudor Rose deck" is an 80-card deck that combines the grandeur of the Tudor era with practical guidance for various aspects of life. It features iconic figures like Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, as well as lesser-known courtiers, each representing a specific aspect of romance, work, and home life. The detailed illustrations immerse users in the rich tapestry of Tudor life, to capture the unique social and political nuances of the period.

    This deck not only serves as a tool for spiritual guidance but also immerses the user in the opulent and dramatic atmosphere of the Tudor period, making every reading a journey through history and the heart.



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